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  • Jamie’s Story

    Summer, 2015

    Jamie’s Story

    Our sweet Jamie is an older male Mini-Aussie owned by the Dudley family. He’s been a wonderful pet, and the dear companion of our children (both now adults and out on their own!), and we all love him very much.

    In the winter of 2014-15, we began to notice that he seemed less active and alert than usual, was drinking more water, and in general wasn’t himself. After an extensive workup that included bloodwork, urinalysis and imaging, we determined he had a form of cancer involving the parathyroid glands in his neck. We believed that with surgery and carefully monitored follow-up medical care, he could fully recover.

    Jamie the Dog2Jamie the Dog

    Our friend and colleague Dr. Andy Hoefling at Summit did a wonderful job in surgically removing the affected parathyroid gland, and their internal medicine staff did great work in helping us manage his blood calcium level for several months until it finally returned to normal. As of summer, 2015, Jamie is again happy and healthy!

    Needless to say, the veterinary care Jamie needed, and we were determined to provide for him, was expensive. After this experience, we’ve chosen to purchase a Trupanion health insurance policy for him. We chose Trupanion for several reasons. First, it’s a local company, headquartered in Ballard. Second, while they do not cover exams, regular preventive care (e.g., vaccinations and dentistry) or pre-existing conditions, they do pay 90% of the charges for any covered event, whether it’s an injury, accident, poisoning, cancer, other major medical problems, and so on. Also, we could select the deductible we wanted, which in turn determines the monthly premium. Of course, we wish we’d had the coverage before he became ill, but live and learn!

    The take-home message is that even veterinarians’ pets can have serious illnesses that can be expensive to manage. Every pet, in the course of his or her life, will encounter major medical problems, and with older pets very possibly sooner rather than later. We encourage you to consider providing pet health insurance coverage for your much-loved pet(s)!

    The Dudleys and the staff of North End Pet Hospital

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