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    How to Keep Your Dog or Cat Safe This Spring

    Spring is upon us! This time of year, your pet is probably looking forward to spending some quality time outdoors. Just make sure they stay safe—use these tips from your Tacoma, WA veterinarian to keep Fido or Fluffy healthy as spring rolls on.

    Allergy Awareness

    Pets can suffer from allergies to substances like pollen, dirt, dust, dander, and mold, just like many humans can. Spring is prime-time for allergies, so if you think your pet is having trouble, it’s time to act. Your veterinarian can set your four-legged friend up with proper medications and give you advice on limiting their exposure to allergens.

    Outdoor Pests

    Fleas, ticks, heartworm, roundworm, mosquitoes carrying dangerous diseases… as spring continues on, it’s important to keep pests away from your pet! Talk to your vet if your pet isn’t already wearing seasonal or year-round preventive medications. It’s the easiest and most effective way to avoid any infections or infestations.

    Pesticide Products

    If you set up pesticides or rodenticides in your home to get rid of intruding insects or small mammals, make sure to place them in areas where pets can never gain access. These products are poisons designed to kill the critters that come in contact with them! Ask your veterinarian for advice on non-toxic pest-control options.

    Caution When Cleaning

    Almost any common household cleaner you can think of—everything from disinfectants and toilet bowl cleaner to carpet shampoo and furniture polish—contains a few ingredients that don’t mix well with pets. It’s safest to keep your pet elsewhere when you’re using cleaning chemicals, and make sure that your supply closet stays safely shut at all times so that your pet can’t reach the products inside.

    Poisonous Plant Life

    All sorts of plants and flowers can prove harmful to pets, and they’re more likely to come in contact with them now that spring is here. The list includes elephant ear, oleander, lilies, tulips, daffodils, ivy, dieffenbachia, rubber plants, certain varieties of aloe plants, poinsettias, and the sago palm. Ask your vet about toxic plant life that is common around your area.

    Beware of Windows

    If you’re opening a few windows to let the warm spring breeze in, make sure a sturdy screen is in place in each one. Pets—most often our feline friends—can slip and fall out of open windows!

    For more springtime safety tips, contact your Tacoma, WA animal hospital today.

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